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Prospect with confidence with the most advanced yet easy-to-use LinkedIn software.

Smart Sequences

Design one campaign that does it all from visiting a profile, liking a post, inviting to connect and then following the contact. Tell our bot what to do if an invite is not accepted like visit profile again and / or like a post again to get your prospects attention. You can take it to a next level and instruct the bot what to do when the invite is accepted like send follow up messages, endorse skills, visit profile or like a post again. Increase your chances of getting a reply. All within one campaign. And, you can build separate Smart Sequences campaigns for 1st connections, Group Members and Open profiles for sending Free InMails.

Free InMails

Skip inviting new contacts and waiting for them to accept your invite. Instead, straightaway send free InMails to members with open profiles using Referral Finder Pro. You may get the same or better reply rate compared to an Invite campaign.

Message Groups

Send messages to the members of LinkedIn groups without sending a connection request. It's another good alternative to inviting and staying away from the weekly invite limits.

Sync data

Keep your CRM and other third party apps updated with our API & Zapier Integration. Also import contacts into a Referral Finder Pro campaign directly from your CRM with our API endpoints.

Client Management

Manage multiple clients campaigns from a single dashboard with a single sign on.


Monitor everything from one place. Tag, Pause, Blacklist contacts. Slice and dice the data the way you want. Or ​​Monitor everything from one place. Track all your contacts. View who is invited, connected, pending, where they are in the sequence. Search by name or sort by stage. Tag or pause multiple contacts. Bulk remove or blacklist with one click. Export customized data. Slice and dice the data the way you want. Play with it, get creative, and get the work done!

Team Management

Manage your team with ease. Assign roles and permissions with just a few clicks.

Reporting & Analytics

Dashboard with Interactive charts with downloadable campaign reports and stats. Easily share reports with your team or clients.

Powerful Campaign Manager

See all your campaigns in a tabular form in one single view. Edit, pause or activate campaigns any time by a single click. Run A/B tests, switch between campaigns, and reach your prospects when you want.